okay well i gotta fill u in on some stuff before i start the story...a couple of days ago this guy jon said he liked janae but she doesnt know how to react to that. i cant stand to write that other way so ill write it like a script. alright on wit the 1st part

in science class yesterday

Emily: jon used to go out with megan and he wrote her notes too.

Janae: well its weird how he keeps writing me all these notes

Emily: let me see them

she gives her 2 pieces of paper

Emily: oh my gosh these look like the ones he wrote megan...they say basiclly the same things...you guys should compare notes

Janae: that would be so stupid tho for him to do that...he doesnt seem like to do that sort of thing...

next day (today) in science

Janae is reading about 5 pieces of paper

Janae: he said the exact same things to her! i cant believe that. if he asks me out im going to say no!

Joe: u should punch him...punch him in the chest...hes so skinny it would hurt and make him cry

Janae: i should change that thing on the board he wrote

on the board it says "livesaving tips from jon: if u are about to get struck by lightening, stick your hand in your back pocket and get on the ground and then u wont die
Emily: yea it should say that a lifesaving tip is to not write 2 different girls to the same girl and then u wont die

okay that was crappy..nothing really happened today. other stuff did happen tho...joe was talking to asia way too much today in english and raven told me that darin said he really didnt like asia and he was annoyed with her, especially b/c she was making a big deal about the lauren thing. what lauren thing was he talking about. maybe hes talking about when he said he didnt want me to go to the movies and he was cussing and yelling cuz he REALLY REALLY didnt want me to go..i dunno...raven didnt ask him either and ill ask her to ask him tomorrow oh lookie here asia is on and shes talkin to me (A is asia and L is lauren (me)

A: hey did u ask darin about the note?

L: yes

A: well now i know he really doesnt like me...what did he say about the note

L: i asked if he read it and he said yea and then i asked did he write back and he said no and i asked if he was gunna write back and he was like nah and i was like well what did u think of it and i think he said it was cool

L: how do u know he doesnt like you? trying to act like i didnt know what he said

A: b/c Veronica asked hin if he liked me and he said no. and raven was there and she asked why not then he was like b/c i keep bugging him or some shit like that. i dunno exactly but the point is that he said no he dont like me. i am waiting for both of them to call me. raven and veronica

A: But i dont even like him like that. i aint gonna even talk to him no more if he said i was buggin him. i will probab;y talk to joe to see what is going on. since he knows so much shit

L: i dont see how joe would know..

A: he knows a lot of stuff. i found that out in english

L: why? what did he say?

A: nothin just that him and darin talk a lot. and he goes over jis house every weekend and he knows darin eally good. he talks to him about this type of stuff

now i am so jealous...i dont like joe hes just my guy friend and he used to talk to ME a lot and not her!

A: i was mad at first but i aint gonna sweat it since i have 2 bfs... but i dont wanna go with them... i am gonna dump one of them tonight at church

L: now u know why i get mad when darin is mad at me and its annoying when u dont know the reason isnt it?

A: it doesnt matter to me. I dont really care b/c 1. i dont like him 2. we never talked like really close b4 so its not a big thing. I aint mad or annoyed. i think it is kinda funny actually

A: my boyfriend is im me. he is so dunb i am getting annoyed with him. he is from fl

L: does he live in florida now?

A: yes..... he sends me money

L: so is he ur online boyfriend or something? man i always thought she would think online relationships are dumb!!!

A: no ive seen him before

L: oh ok

alright we aint talkin about nuthin now...im gunna be leaving soon so ill just go now...ill write again if any other junk happens

testing 1234567890..thats enough